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Special Issue on Smart Grids

Prof. Wietfeld verantwortet als leitender Gast-Herausgeber eine Sonderausgabe des internationalen IEEE Wireless Communication Magazines zum Thema der Vernetzung zukünftiger Energiesysteme, der sog. Smart Grids. Wissenschaftler aus aller Welt sind eingeladen, Ihre Manuskripte bis zum 5. Juni 2016 einzureichen. Diese durchlaufen danach einen intensiven Begutachtungsprozess. Die Sonderausgabe wird im Februar 2017 erscheinen.


Text des "Call for Papers":

Smart Grids are an essential component of future energy systems, which are characterized by distributed, volatile energy production (solar, wind) and entirely new components (electric vehicles) and operation concepts (virtual power plants). Smart grids are also prominent example of Cyber Physical Systems, as they combine wide-area control, computation and communications. While traditional automation of the power grid make use of wireline communications (copper, fibre), Smart Grids require wide-area coverage with flexible and cost-efficient communications networks. Therefore wireless communication technologies will play an increasingly important role in future deployment scenarios. The investigated options range from cellular networks over satellite systems to wireless mesh networks. Particular challenges for wireless communication options include availability (with coverage down to the basement), real-time capabilities (for incident mitigation), resilience (after black-outs, against jamming, etc.) and security (cyber attacks). In the light of these recent developments, this special issue will focus on the following subjects of interest, as well as related issues:

  • Wireless communication systems in Smart Grid scenarios, including smart metering, Wide Area Monitoring Protection and Control (WAMPAC) of Smart Grids, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) in Smart Grids, virtual power plants, integration of electric vehicles.
  • Architecture, performance and network planning of wireless networks for Smart Grids
  • Resilient and low-latency wireless communication (e.g. used for protection relay) for Smart Grids
  • Wireless grid protection against faults and instabilities
  • Wireless networks for distributed generations
  • Joint design of smart grids with distributed control algorithms (networked control)
  • Comparison of networking options for Smart Grids: e.g. wireline vs. wireless, mesh vs. cellular, satellite vs. terrestrial
  • Hybrid solutions for smart grid deployments (e.g. access using power line communications combined with cellular in backbone)
  • Smart Grid protocols (e.g. SCADA, WAMPAC) adapted to wireless networks
  • Smart Grid-specific communication traffic models and channel models
  • Performance evaluation methods in Smart Grid-specific environments: raytracing, traffic theory, network calculus, hybrid simulation

Prospective authors should prepare their submissions in accordance with the rules specified in the Information for Authors of the IEEE Wireless Communications guidelines (http://www.comsoc.org/wirelessmag/author-guidelines). Authors should submit a PDF version of their complete manuscript to http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/ieee-wcm.

The timetable is as follows:

Manuscript Submission: June 5, 2016
Initial Decision: September 2016
Revised Manuscript Due: October 2016
Notification of Acceptance: November 2016
Final Manuscript Due: December 2016
Publication Date: February 2017