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CNI organizes international workshop on OMNeT++


26.10.2009 – The 3rd International Workshop on OMNeT++ (OMNeT++ 2010) was a one day workshop held in conjunction with the Third International Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques (SIMUTools 2010). The workshop took place in Malaga, Spain.
The goal of this workshop was to bring together OMNeT++ users and their tools, applications and ideas. It provided a forum for presentations of recent developments and novel ideas in the broad context of network simulation with focus on OMNeT++. It brought together researchers to focus on the important topics of integrating simulation models, coupling different simulation tools, providing better modeling approaches, and contributing to the active modeling and simulation community with respect to identifying some of the most promising candidate solution methods, architectures and techniques to address the various challenges of network simulation.


Two Best Paper Awards for the CNI


22.09.2009 – The publication, which was presented by Dipl.-Ing. T. Tran at a conference of the well-known IEEE, introduces an approach with which the secure access for different rescue organizations to a mobile emergency response system can be speeded up. Dipl.-Ing. B. Niehöfer's publication, which was already presented on an international satellite communication conference in July, describes a new method to dynamically create highly up-to-date maps based on anonymized motion profiles of mobile phone subscribers.

T. Tran, C. Wietfeld: Approaches for Optimizing the Performance of a Mobile SAML-based Emergency Response System, 13th International IEEE EDOC Conference, Mobile Technologies in Enterprise Computing Systems Workshop, Auckland, New Zealand, September 2009.

B. Niehoefer, R. Burda, C. Wietfeld, F. Bauer, O. Lüert: GPS Community Map Generation for Enhanced Routing Methods based on Trace-Collection by Mobile Phones, 1st International Conference on Advances in Satellite and Space Communications (SPACOMM), Colmar, July 2009.


CNI Organizes International Workshop


01.09.2009 – On September 1, 2009, the Communication Networks Institue is hosting the international workshop "Future Internet of Things and Services - Web Services for Pervasive Devices - FITS 2009" as part of the Future Internet Symposium 2009 (FIS 2009). The workshop is organized in collaboration with all consortium partners of the IST-MORE Project of the 6th EU Research Framework Programme. The workshop aims to discuss concepts for the seamless integration of intelligent services, for instance, based on sensor networks with current or future Internet infrastructures.


The CNI is Winner at "hightech.NRW"


01.08.2009 – AVIGLE investigates a multifunctional avionic service platform, which will offer later users completely new services with considerable cost and quality advantages with the aid of autonomous flying robots (so-called Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - MUAVs) in the high-tech disciplines of 3D virtualization and ad-hoc radio coverage. On the one hand, AVIGLE allows for efficient 3D recognition and virtualization of single buildings, settlements, and entire regions in real-time. On the other hand, the project addresses the temporary extension of cellular networks during major events, power failures, or rescue operations with the aid of civilian micro-drones.


Students Reach Finals in Case Study Competition

01.05.2006 – A team of students of the institute reaches the final round of the Rohde & Schwarz Case Study Competition in Munich.