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Female CNI Graduate Honored with Award for Valedictorians


20.12.2013 – The student of Information Technologies Sarah Gillet has been honored with the Award for Valedictorians by the Gesellschaft der Freunde der Technischen Universität Dortmund e.V. for her bachelor thesis with the title „Kommunikationssensitive Navigationsplanung für agentenbasierte UAV Schwärme“ which she conducted at the Communication Networks Institute. The paper was written in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Heiko Krumm (LS IV).

The operation planning of the networked robotic system, which had been investigated as part of the research, is based on decentralized bidding and electoral procedures. Due to the mostly self-organizing manner of the measuring robots, the emergency task force is supposed to be optimally supported in emergency aid operations, for example in order to quickly locate buried people or to measure pollution without endangering the rescuers themselves.


ITG Awards 2013 for Niklas Goddemeier, Kai Daniel and Christian Wietfeld


06.12.2013 – For their research in the field of networked robotic systems, Niklas Goddemeier, Dr.-Ing. Kai Daniel and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Wietfeld received the coveted ITG Awards 2013 by the Informationstechnische Gesellschaft in the VDE at Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften in Berlin on November 12, 2013.

The ITG Award is being advertised annually and awarded for outstanding publications, in this case for an article in the internationally well-known IEEE Journal on Selected Areas of Communications


Best Paper Award for Brian Niehöfer, Florian Schweikowski and Christian Wietfeld


26.11.2013 – With the contribution "Smart Constellation Selection for Precise Vehicle Positioning in Urban Canyons using a Software-Defined Receiver Solution", it was possible for Brian Niehöfer, Florian Schweikowski and Christian Wietfeld to win the coveted Best Student Paper Award at the 20th IEEE Symposium on Communications and Vehicular Technology (SCVT).

The contribution, which was written within the scope of the Collaborative Research Center 876, subproject B4 and the Airbeam project, deals with the resource-efficient increase in accuracy for Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). Realization and performance of the Smart Constellation Selection were quantified by means of a specifically developed Software-Defined GNSS Receiver in more than 500 measurements with two georeferencing points on the campus of TU Dortmund. Application examples are a more accurate traffic forecast by recording lane-specific events (temporary road works, etc.) in road traffic or geo routing algorithms for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).


Successful Review of the EU FP7 e-DASH Project


14.11.2013 – On October 24, 2013, the interim results of the EU project e‑DASH - Electricity Demand and Supply Harmonization for EVs which is being supported as part of the 7th Framework Programme has been successfully presented at the Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg. In the e-DASH Project, a total of 14 international partners are investigating the implementation of electric vehicle fleets into future European energy grids under the direction of Volkswagen AG.

In the project, the CNI is responsible for the design, evaluation and optimization of a new telematics interface between the electric vehicle and the OEM backend system. This telematics interface is intended to provide valuable information on charging processes in electric vehicles. Aside from an electric vehicle fleet, the provision of balancing energy is to be controlled with the aid of the interface taking into account the requirements of energy grids. For demonstration purposes, a prototype, which had been developed by the CNI, was presented during the 24 months review. This prototype aligns the linkage to such a backend system with standards for charging communication, such as IEC 61851-1 and ISO/IEC 15118. Further information concerning the e-DASH Project is available at www.edash.eu.


Completion of the BMBF Project Sec2 at the CNI


21.10.2013 – The BMBF research project Sec2 - Secure Ad-hoc On Demand Virtual Private Storage - could successfully be presented as part of a final presentation on October 16, 2013. The aim of the project is to provide a novel security concept for cloud computing for mobile terminal devices. In doing so, the data packages are encrypted so that they can securely be transmitted all the way from the transmitter via a possible cloud service through to the receiver.

Subproject of the CNI had been the development of a mobile communication system for the secure wireless service usage in a heterogeneous network environment. The aim of this system is to increase the accessibility of services for the mobile user. Within this scope, especially vertical handover solutions and algorithms have been successfully developed and analyzed.

Further information concerning the whole project can be found at http://www.sec2.org/.


Doctorate in Ad-hoc-Networks for Emergency Scenarios Successfully Completed


01.10.2013 – The institute expresses congratulations to Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wolff on his successfully completed doctorate. In his Ph.D. thesis with the title "Entwurf und Leistungsbewertung von Ad-hoc-Kommunikationsnetzen für den Katastrophenschutz", he introduces several approaches that enable rescue forces to set up reliable and broadband communication links in a freely accessible WLAN frequency band by the usage of adapted protocols or a novel interference prevention algorithm.


OS³ Admitted to the Official INET Framework


27.08.2013 – The Open Source Satellite Simulator (OS³) which was developed as part of the Collaborative Research Center 876 at the Communication Networks Institute has been admitted to the latest version of the INET Framework based on OMNeT++ and is directly available for every INET User from now on.

OS³ can, due to its modular set-up, be modified or applied to satellite-specific problems of ICT. In order to guarantee the accuracy of the simulation, most up to date ephemerides of the satellites and influence parameters of the atmosphere are imported each at the beginning of the simulation. At that, due to an already integrated graphical interface, even inexperienced users are able to tap the full potential of the simulator.


Business Plans Successfully Introduced by ICT Students


17.07.2013 – As part of the lecture "Betriebswirtschaftliche Grundlagen der Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik", business ideas from the field of ICT, which were brought in with the aid of a business plan by the students themselves, have sucessfully been elaborated during the summer semester 2013.

On July 16, 2013, the ideas could be presented to representatives of the Wirtschaftsförderung Dortmund, the Entrepreneurship School and the Comnovo GmbH within the scope of a final ceremony. The vote of the expert jury for the ideas All-go-Bus, Calendario, GROW and E-Fridge turned out positive without exception so that all students were motivated to pursue their ideas further on and to take advantage of further offers in founding contexts, especially within the scope of the tu>startup initiative.


Excursion to Telekom as Part of the Master's Lecture "Mobile Communication Networks"


15.07.2013 – Also this year, a visit to the Telekom branch office in Dortmund was on the agenda. Here, the approximately 20 participants had the chance to gain interesting insights into the practical implementation of current mobile communications trends, for example concerning the LTE network planning, the network operation and the continuous optimization of the mobile communications network. Finally, the participants had the opportunity to directly exchange with experts of Telekom while having a snack.

The excursion was offered as part of the lecture "Mobilfunknetze" (English translation: "Mobile Communication Networks") which dealt with the fundamental system properties of cellular, satellite and local networks during the summer semester. The second part of the lecture takes place from September 25 to October 1, 2014. Above all, the guest lecturer Dr.-Ing. Lars Berlemann (Telekom Deutschland GmbH, Bonn) will cover the topic of advanced network concepts (LTE-Advanced, Mesh Networks, Femtocells, HetNets, etc.).


Berlin Handbook of Electromobility Published


01.07.2013 – The new handbook (C.H. Beck Verlag, Publisher: K. Boesche, C. Fest, O. Franz, A. Gaul) examines all legal, transport political and technical parameters of the promising topic electromobility: market for electromobility, types and tasks of charging infrastructures/competition of charging infrastructures, calibration regulations and census in the electromobility as well as power supply in the electromobility.

The contribution of the authors of the Communication Networks Institute (C. Wietfeld, J. Schmutzler, S. Gröning) deals with the communication-technical aspects concerning the grid integration of electric vehicles. Through standardized, efficient web services, it is becoming possible to attune the charging procedures of electric vehicles to each other in such a way that regenerative energy sources are optimally exhausted and overloads of the charging infrastructure simultaneously avoided. The research work on this topic is currently being accelerated in several national and European joint projects.




16.04.2013 – Several staff members represent the institute at the 32nd IEEE INFOCOM Conference, which is rich in tradition, in Torino.

On Thursday, April 18, 2013, the poster contribution "An Accurate Measurement-Based Power Consumption Model for LTE Uplink Transmissions" by Björn Dusza et al. is going to be presented. Simultaneously, a website is becoming accessible, on which the parameters of this novel power model are continually updated for re-emerging LTE smartphones in the future.

The second contribution "Performance Evaluation of Time-critical Communication Networks for Smart Grids based on IEC 61850" (H. Georg et al.) is going to be presented on the following Friday at the INFOCOM Workshop on Communications and Control for Smart Energy Systems. The research results were worked out in the DFG SFB 876, respectively in the DFG Researchgroup 1511.


Research Team of the Institute Awarded with "Occupational Safety Oscar" (Engl. Transl.)


08.04.2013 – The D2Sense assistant system for heavy building machines, that results from research by the Communication Networks Institute (Prof. Dr.-Ing. C. Wietfeld) of TU Dortmund, has been awarded with the advancement award of the Construction Materials, Stones and Earths Industry at the presentation of the advancement awards "Arbeit · Sicherheit · Gesundheit 2013" (transl. "Work · Safety · Health 2013"). The award, which includes Germany's highest prize money for occupational safety awards (100,000 euros), was given by "Berufsgenossenschaft Rohstoffe und chemische Industrie" for the 16th time on April 5, 2013, at Alte Oper Frankfurt (Frankfurt on the Main). The D2Sense assistant system was developed in close collaboration with Bayerische Asphaltmischwerke, one of Germany's leading asphalt producers, and is going to be marketed by the TU Dortmund spin-off comnovo GmbH in the future.


Rector's Dissertation Prize for Doctorate of the Institute


08.01.2013 – We are pleased about the fact that Dr.-Ing. Andreas Lewandowski has been awarded with the Rector's Dissertation Prize at the Academic Anniversary of TU Dortmund in December 2012. The Ph.D. Thesis with the title "Wireless Communication for Personal Safety Services – Sensing, Localization and Alarming" introduces very up to date research results concerning the usage of wireless communication systems to increase the safety of persons in dangerous situations. At this, the focus of the work lies upon scenarios, in which especially challenging environmental conditions are to be mastered: these are, on the one hand, industrial facilities, in which highly explosive gases or other hazardous substances are being used, and, on the other hand, uninhabited areas, in which conflagrations are being extinguished, or other rescue operations are being conducted. Based on the requirements specification developed in close collaboration with project partners like ThyssenKrupp and the Institute of Fire Service and Rescue Technology, the research deals with innovative techniques of the radio-based, highly precise localization of mobile objects indoors as well as the usage of the future European GALILEO Satellite Navigation System for emergency communication.


EU Project SmartC2Net Initiated


08.01.2013 – The aim of the SmartC2Net (Smart Control of Energy Distribution Grids over Heterogeneous Communication Networks) project which is funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission is the development, the implementation and validation of solid communication solutions for a secure and reliable smart grid operation. The resulting requirements on the transmission technologies and middleware functionalities are realized by adaptive control and QoS mechanisms and enhanced information models. Within the scope of the project, the Communication Networks Institute takes charge of the work package concerning the specification of the system architecture and development of adaptive communication solutions and is, as part of the evaluation of the overall system, going to conduct a detailed assessment of the performance through simulation. The consortium consists of seven industry and research partners from five European countries (AT, DE, DK, IT, PT).