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Communication Networks Institute hosts the 5th international Testing Symposium concerning the CCS charging interface in South Korea

Group photo of the participants of the 5th International Testing Symposium

20.12.2016 – The fifth international ISO/IEC 15118 Testing Symposium concerning the e-vehicle charging interface took place in South Korea on November 10 and 11, 2016. 36 companies from 10 nations came together on the South Korean island Jeju in order to test their newest control device developments for the Combined Charging System. The CNI organized the event in close collaboration with the Korea Smart Grid Institute (KSGI), Gridwiz, the CharIn e.V. and the ISO/IEC 15118 Joint Working Group. Furthermore, the CNI was on-site with its innovative Test System to draw its further conclusions about current research in the BMWi projects eBusCS and DELTA.


Awards for Staff Members of the Institute

Collage of Two Photos of the Award Winners

06.12.2016 – At the end of 2016, we are delighted that two scientists of the institute have been honored with notable awards for their research. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Ide received one of the prestigious junior awards by the Informationstechnische Gesellschaft (ITG) in the VDE for his thesis "Resource-Efficient LTE Machine-Type Communication in Vehicular Environments". Some days later, Benjamin Sliwa, who currently does research on innovative routing protocols for networked vehicles in the SFB 876 in the subproject B4, received the ABB-Award for the best Mater's Degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of 2016


Successful Final Presentation by Project Group "Wireless Warehouse"

Photo of the Project Group

30.11.2016 – The project group, "Wireless Warehouse - Self-Organizing Warehouse due to Ultra-Low Energy Communication," developed a prototypical future warehouse system. The aim of the project group was to create a storage system, which is informed about the state of the whole inventory at all times, using intelligent, networked containers. Moreover, the storage system was to enable the localization of commodities searched for in the store.


Excellent wireless localization technology - CNI team wins IPIN competition

IPIN2016 Certificate Thumbnail

07.10.2016 – The CNI team (Janis Tiemann, Fabian Eckermann and Christian Wietfeld) won first prize in the "Indoor Mobile Robot Localization" category within the framework of IPIN Indoor Localization Competition at the International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN). We are very pleased with this success in our first participation in the competition! At the same time, two scientific contributions to the work created in the context of SFB 876 and CPS.HUBs / NRW were presented at the conference. The conference was held in Alcalá de Henares / Madrid / Spain.


New projects for the networking of autonomous vehicles with 5G mobile radio

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

05.07.2016 – Over the past few years, the Chair for Communication Networks has developed an international reputation for the research of new technologies for the networking of autonomous vehicles, whether on the road or in the air. In near future, research projects will once again offer the opportunity to work as a doctoral candidate or as a student in the development of future mobile radio systems of the 5th generation.


TU Dortmund joins the OAI Software Alliance

OpenAirInterface Logo

17.06.2016 – Initiated by the Institute for Communication Networks, TU Dortmund joins the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA). The OSA is a consortium of research institutions and industry partners that drives the open source development of LTE network elements towards a 5G mobile stacks. The Institute for Communication Networks is actively involved in the development of the project.


IEEE Communications Magazine „Feature Topic“ for the networking of UAVs

IEEE Communications Magazine Cover

02.06.2016 – The latest edition of the international widespread IEEE Communication Magazine dedicates a "Feature Topic" on "Wireless Communications, Networking, and Positioning with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles". Prof. Wietfeld co-created this „Feature Topic“ as a guest editor. The strict rules of this Communication Magazines prohibit that guest editors contribute to a „Feature Topic“ submit, even if the subject area of the special edition concerns the field of leading scientists.


Dissertation on swarm based, networked robotic systems for emergency personnel successfully completed

Nilkas Goddemeier on an International Rescue Exercise in Belgium

17.05.2016 – On 17.05.2016 Niklas Goddemeier successfully defended his dissertation on “Communication and Cooperation Strategies for Aerial Robotic Systems”. The entire chair heartily congratulates.
Reliable networking of robotic-systems is an important requirement for their deployment in various scenarios, for example the exploration of damage situations by rescue services. Especially the usage of unmanned aircrafts as sensor- and communication-platforms offer great potential because of their wide flexibility in disaster scenarios, in which infrastructure might be heavily damaged. The system design for communication- and cooperation strategies as well as the comprehensive performance assessment and validation presented in the thesis are using model based methods, including multi-scale-simulation trough software- and hardware-in-the-loop-concepts and experiments in the field. This paper provides an excellent contribution to the international research in this field due to innovative, scientific concepts reaching a high level of maturity.


CPS Made Comprehensible Using the Example of Connected Cars: Perspectives of Car-2-X Communication

CPS HUB Connected Cars Audience

09.05.2016 – The Possibilities of car networking as well as new digital business models formed the primary focus of the event: “CPS am Beispiel von Connected Cars “anfassbar” gemacht: Perspektiven der Car-2-X Kommunikation” (English translastion: CPS Made Comprehensible Using the Example of Connected Cars: Perspectives of Car-2-X Communication), that took place at the Cross-Innovation-Center of the chair for Communication Networks at TU Dortmund on the 28th of April. More than 50 participants followed an invitation of the CPS.HUB specialist group for communication networks and an interesting program awaited them on topics about Car-to-Car, Car-to-Infrastructure, Car-to-Grid and Car-to-Cloud communication.


Research results of the chair present at Hanover Fair

Hannover Messe Thumbnail

25.04.2016 – An advanced form of the wrong-way-driver-warning-system developed as a BMWi-ZIM-project with participation of the chair, will be presented at the Hanover Fair from 25.04 – 29.04.2016.


Invitation to the event: „CPS am Beispiel von Connected Cars „anfassbar“ gemacht: Perspektiven der Car-2-X Kommunikation“


15.04.2016 – Autonomous driving cars will shape our street scene in the future. Sensors installed in today’s vehicles have already enabled an increasingly stronger automatization of traffic – even though information processing takes places manly within the vehicle. Connected Cars offer enormous potential. The connection of vehicles (Car-to-Car) and their surroundings (Car-to-X) creates new business models and contributes to road safety. We would like to discuss current and future possibilities of vehicle communication together with you and are delighted to invite you to our event.


Special Issue on Smart Grids

IEEE Wireless Communications Logo

01.03.2016 – As leading guest publisher Prof. Wietfeld takes responsibility for a special edition of the international IEEE Wireless Communication Magazines regarding the networking of future energy systems, the so called Smart Grids. Scientist from all over the world are invited, to hand in their manuscripts until 5 June 2016. These will pass through an intense reviewing process. The special edition will be released in February 2017.


Locate cars with traffic lane accuracy – the results of a dissertation show how it works…

Brian Niehöfer with Dissertation Supervisor Prof. Dr.-Ing C. Wietfeld and Second Assessor Prof. Dr.-Ing J. Götze

29.02.2016 – On 15 February 2016, Brian Niehöfer of the CNI has successfully completed his dissertation regarding “Modellbasierte Interferenzkompensation für die satellitengestützte Ortung in urbanen Szenarien” – we congratulate cordially!

So called Cyber-Physical Systems depends on precise location information, to reliably locate participating systems. For the derivation of dynamic traffic card data, that take short-term changes like temporary road works into account, it is therefore necessary to capture automotive movement at least traffic lane accurate. The precise localization is also essential for future autonomous vehicles. Today’s satellite based navigation systems do not offer the necessary accuracy, especially in inner city scenarios. Buildings disturb the visual contact to the satellite and distort the for the positioning required distance measurement to the satellite through multipath propagation. The work of Mr. Niehöfer takes care of the also known as “Urban Canyon” problem and presents a novel solution approach.


New project group for SS2016 – Wireless Warehouse – Self-organizing warehouse due to ultra-low-energy communication

Intelligent Containers Filled with LEGO-Bricks

01.02.2016 – Circuit design, micro-controller programming and the development of a communication protocol for a self-inventorying stock using LEGO-bricks. The project group “Wireless Warehouse” will deal with these tasks at the institute of communication networks during summer semester 2016 and by that create a bridge between the Internet of Things (IoT) and a practical oriented application in the context of Industry 4.0