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Starting 2018 with a Newly Appointed Junior Professorship

Wintery view from the CNI in the direction of the so-called Maths Tower with TU logo

22.12.2017 – Happy holidays and a successful 2018 to all our staff, students, alumni, partners and friends of CNI! We are very delighted to have received numerous acknowledgments for our efforts in the fields of research and teaching. At the same time, we are looking forward to 2018, in which our new junior professor Fang-Jing Wu is going to strengthen our team in the area of "Software-Defined Communication Systems“. Furthermore, we are putting our 5G New Radio Laboratory System at 28 GHz as well as our mobile Radio Lab for outdoor use into service. We would like to thank everybody for the committed cooperation on numerous projects and are looking forward to all the challenges in the future.
Best wishes from Dortmund
Yours Christian Wietfeld


Best Paper Award for Papers on Software-Defined Networking in Smart-Grid

Nils Dorsch Receiving the Prize

12.12.2017 – The best things come in threes: The institute is pleased to have the third Best-Paper Award given to researchers of the institute this year. This time it is a paper by Nils Dorsch, Fabian Kurtz and Christian Wietfeld, titled “Communications in Distributed Smart-Grid Control: Software-Defined vs. Legacy Networks“, which was presented at the international IEEE-Conference in Beijing, with the topic "Energy Internet and Energy System Integration". The research was partly conducted within the DFG-Research Group 1511 for protection and control technology for future energy supply and partly compiled within the German-French joint project BERCOM (Blueprint for Pan-European Resilient Critical Infrastructures based on LTE Communications, which is funded by the BMBF).


Introductory Presentation and Open Forum at 22nd Broadband Forum in Cologne


08.12.2017 – The 22nd Broadband Forum, which was hosted by TÜV Rheinland in cooperation with CPS.HUB/NRW on December 6, 2017, had the key theme "Broadband milestones: today 15 Mbps, tomorrow 50 Mbps, the day after tomorrow gigabit society?". Experts of producers and network operators discussed the prospects of several access technologies. They did so not least based on evaluation criteria such as whether the LWL-Only Strategy or the well-assorted "Broadband Model Kit" has the best chances of success to reach the goal: fundamentally contributing to the attainment of high, more broadband penetration of business and private users in a reasonable time. Professor Dr.-Ing. Christian Wietfeld of TU Dortmund, who also leads the communication networks panel within the CPS.HUB, gave the introductory presentation. In a concluding panel discussion, also the Minister for Economic Affairs of NRW, Professor Dr. Andreas Pinkwart, commented on North Rhine-Westphalia's prospects.


New Book on the Subject of "Underground Sensing" - A Contribution of the CNI

Book Cover Thumbnail

27.11.2017 – The results of an international book project on the subject of "Underground Sensing“ has been published this month. Within the TaMIS project (Talsperren-Mess- und Informationssystem), which is funded by the BMBF, the CNI has been dealing with a radio-based sensor system to measure moistness in the subsoil since 2015 (http://tamis.kn.e-technik.tu-dortmund.de/).
Respectively to this project the book project’s publisher Prof. Liang Cheng from the Lehigh University in the USA requested a contribution on that topic, which the CNI replied to with an article titled "Integration of UAVs with Underground Sensing: Systems and Applications“. Because of the thematic connection to the use of flight robots (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - UAVs), the book-entry reaches beyond the current project and sketches future research outlooks. In 2012, Prof. Liang Cheng spent his sabbatical year at the Institute and is a long-standing research partner of Prof. Wietfeld.


ETSI "Best Presentation Award" for Papers on Interoperable Charger Interfaces

Photo of "Best Presentation Award" by ETSI-Conference

26.10.2017 – At the annually held ETSI-Conference "User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing“, Sven Gröning from the Communication Networks Institute was awarded the "Best Presentation Award“ after an assessment by all members. This award is an acknowledgment for the continuous activities of the institute in the field of automatized test processes for the Internet of Things, this time especially for the charger interface for electric mobility (Title of the Presentation: "S. Gröning, J. Schmutzler, C. Wietfeld, Conformance Testing of Electric Vehicle Charging Communication based on TTCN-3 von S. Gröning, J. Schmutzler, C. Wietfeld). This year, the conference took place at the Fraunhofer-Institute FOKUS in Berlin.


Oliver Fuhr’s Bachelor Thesis Got Awarded with the DRIVE-E Study Prize

Group Photo of the Award Ceremony

26.10.2017 – The Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft awarded four prize winners with up to 6,000 euros for their excellent theses on the issue of electric mobility in the Porsche museum in Stuttgart. Oliver Fuhr won the second prize in the category Project and Bachelor Theses. His thesis, which was developed at the Communication Networks Institute and supervised by Prof. Christian Wietfeld, deals with the question of how solar panels and vehicles can communicate with one another to enable remote charging.

Federal Research Minister Johanna Wanka said in celebration of the award ceremony (translated from German): "I congratulate all DRIVE-E winners. You work for sustainable mobility, that uses resources efficiently, is climate-friendly and maintains our quality of life. With your enthusiasm and your technical know-how, chances are good for Germany to keep up playing a prominent role as an automobile manufacturer and mobility provider in the future."


"Best Paper Award" for Contribution on UWB-Based Indoor-Navigation for Robotic Applications

Janis Tiemann receiving the "Best Paper Award"

25.09.2017 – Janis Tiemann won the highly-desirable "Best-Paper-Award“ at this year’s International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN) in Sapporo, Japan. In his paper, titled "Scalable and Precise Multi-UAV Indoor Navigation using TDOA-based UWB Localization“, Tiemann suggests a new method for highly precise and scalable radio-based positioning. This method fulfills an important requirement for the deployment of autonomous robots in areas such as logistics and emergency services. The judges honored the innovative system concept as well as the extensive validation through experiments. The papers are important contributions to the subproject A4 of the DFG SFB 876 "Ressourcen-effiziente und verteilte Plattformen zur integrativen Datenanalyse" and also to CPS.HUB/NRW.


New Simulator for Integrated Analysis of Communication Systems for Traffic Scenarios Got Honored with "Best Contribution Award"

Benjamin Sliwa with the Awarded Prize

25.09.2017 – Benjamin Sliwa got honored with the "Best Contribution Award“ on this year’s international OMNET-Summit at the University of Bremen for the simulator LIMoSIM (Lightweight ICT-centric Mobility Simulation), which was predominantly modeled by him in the course of his research in the subproject B4 "Analyse und Kommunikation für die dynamische Verkehrsprognose" as part of the DFG Collaborative Research Center 876. LIMoSIM is characterized by its ability to emulate traffic flows so that an analysis of technical communication aspects is made possible runtime-efficiently.
The method LIMoSIM is a welcomed addition to earlier approaches, that use simulators from traffic technology. These technologies are greatly detailed, but with further investigations on rare failure events, these methods show a disproportionate high run-time. LIMoSIM can, therefore, be of special use for investigations in the field of 5G Ultra-High-Reliability Communication for autonomous driving.


Another Team of Founders from the Institute Succeeded at Nationwide Competition

Gründerwettbewerb "Digitale Innovationen" Preisverleihung Thumbnail

01.09.2017 – After comnovo GmbH, the first spin-off of the institute, won the IKT innovativ start-up prize from the Federal Ministry of Economics in 2013, Smart Robotic Systems GmbH, another spin-off, now won the first prize of the competition "Digitale Innovationen“. The founders and CNI-Alumni Dr.-Ing. Niklas Goddemeier and Sebastian Rohde received the prize on September 1, 2017 at the International Consumer Electronics Fair in Berlin, handed over by Dirk Wiese, the Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy. Based on results from perennial research, the Smart Robotic Systems - an extended system for unmanned flight devices SKIDER - uses open interfaces to enable a made-to-measure integration of unmanned flight systems for various applications in different areas, such as catastrophe prevention, energy sector or agriculture. The spin-off got supported by an EXIST funding of the Federal Ministry of Economics.


Dissertation on resource-efficient communication in distributed energy systems – successfully completed

Stefan Feuerhahn with Reviewers and Examiners

28.06.2017 – On June 26, 2017, one could congratulate Stefan Feuerhahn on his passed doctoral examination.

The IEC 61850 specification defines a communication standard for the automation of energy systems and provides a powerful data model and various services for monitoring and navigating components of energy systems.
While the initial focus was on the automation of high and medium voltage networks and their substations, the IEC 61850 standard is also an option for navigating decentralized and distributed energy resources – such as photovoltaics. Feuerhahn addresses the question of whether this standard is eligible and which alternatives – like OPC UA – could be considered additionally. His motivation for this investigation developed while he was working on practical research projects at the Fraunhofer Institute ISE in Freiburg.
Considering the long investment cycles, it is of major importance that the "right" protocols are selected; since a specific system landscape will be set for years to come.

With his analysis, Feuerhahn makes a valuable contribution to the controversial discussions on alternative approaches in the field of Smart Grid.


IEEE Magazine Special Issue on Smart Grids published

Cover of the Smart Grid Special Issue of the IEEE Wireless Communication Magazine

04.05.2017 – Wireless communication systems are essential for realizing future energy systems, the so-called Smart-Grids. The current edition of the IEEE Wireless Communication Magazines, being a “Special Issue”, devoted itself to show various facets of applying wireless communication to Smart Grid.
The articles, for example, deal with cellular radio networks, satellite systems as well as energy harvesting for sensor networks. Prof. Wietfeld coordinated the review process and the compilation of the magazine as a senior guest editor.


Parliamentary Evening in Berlin: Domestic electricity for sustainable E-Mobility

SyncFueL Thumbnail

26.04.2017 – On April 24, 2017, the TU Dortmund has organized a parliamentary evening with project partners in the course of the project SyncFuel - synchronized domestic electricity for charging electronic vehicles - in Berlin, where the potentials, chances and the necessities of using sustainable domestic electricity for electric mobility were shown.


Bernhard-Walke Dissertationspreis for CNI-Alumnus Niklas Goddemeier

07.04.2017 – This year, the award, that includes prize money of 1,500 euros, for the best Ph.D. thesis of all Communication Networks Institutes of the "Freunde und Förderer der ComNets-Einrichtungen" goes to Dr.-Ing. Niklas Goddemeier from TU Dortmund for his thesis "Communication and Cooperation Strategies for Aerial Robotic Systems". The best final paper of TU Dortmund, which was awarded with a prize money of 500 euros, was handed in by Benjamin Sliwa (M. Sc.) (title: "Intelligentes Routing in mobilen Ad-Hoc-Netzen durch multifaktorielle Mobilitätsprädiktion"), who works at his PhD thesis at the Communication Networks Institute (SFB 876) now.

Congratulations to both winners!


CNI-Key Note at the "Wireless Days 2017" in Porto

07.04.2017 – Prof. Wietfeld informed about current research of the Communication Networks Institute (CNI) in the introductory presentation with the title "Wireless Networking for Cyber Physical Systems: Providing Reliable Connectivity in Challenging Environments". This year in Porto, the international conference supported by the IEEE and IFIP was hosted by the Electrical Engineering Faculty of the University of Porto. The contribution "Payload-Size and Deadline-Aware Scheduling for Time-critical Cyber Physical Systems" was also part of the conference's technological program.


5G-Initiative for Germany - TU Dortmund Is a Part of It

06.04.2017 – 5G-Initiative for Germany - TU Dortmund is a part of it: The Federal Minister for Traffic and Digital Infrastructure has started an initiative, that is to define the development of a strategy for the initiation of the next mobile communications generation 5G in Germany. The Communication Networks Institute (CNI) contributes to this with its projects concerning the use of machine learning approaches for mobile communications (SFB 876), networked driving (InVerSiV), rescue robotics (LARUS) and wireless communication for critical infrastructures (TaMIS and BERCOM).