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BMBF State Secretary Rachel catches up on the LARUS-Project

At the BMBF-Innovationsforum "Zivile Sicherheit", which took place on June 19 and 20, 2018 in Berlin, the joint research project LARUS, which is coordinated by the Communication Networks Institute, was presented by the project coordinator Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Wietfeld in the session "Robotiksysteme für das Rettungswesen". At the same time, this was an opportunity to present the project to the parliamentary BMBF State Secretary Thomas Rachel personally.
In a tweet by the BMBF, that has been written at the booth of the LARUS-Project, the project is described as an extraordinary leading example for the practical utility of civil security research. LARUS investigates a flight robotics system for the automatic finding of missing persons at sea. In October 2019, the overall system shall be presented at the Baltic Sea.

Larus Rachel 2018

Tweet by the BMBF concerning LARUS: