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On-going remote research and preparations for online teaching at CNI

In spite of the special "stay-at-home" situation imposed by the measures against the spreading of the Corona virus, the CNI team is committed to continue research and teaching by leveraging communication networks and corresponding online collaboration tools as much as possible. To all our students and partners: Stay healthy!

Please see the homepage of the TU Dortmund University and the faculty for general announcements and advice on the Corona virus situation.

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Already last week, we have coordinated with our students who are currently carrying out their Bachelor or Master thesis at our chair how they can be enabled to continue their work at home as much as possible. To prepare for the coming summer semester, we have already started to create online lectures and exercises with the aim to bridge a certain period of time until we can resume our normal, on-campus teaching. We will keep our students also updated on any development regarding exams and other activities, which had to be canceled for the moment.

Although the current situation affects everyone and change of plans will be necessary in many ways, we will try our best to support students remotely to limit the impact on their study progress.

At the same time, we continue our research remotely and are available for our project partners. Fortunately, online collaboration is already well established, so that in our research projects several weeks and even months can be covered productively without physical meetings. For experimental work, innovative solutions of remotely controlling lab set-ups operating at CNI are currently explored, while some experiments will have to be shifted to a later date. Yet, we focus on analyzing, modeling, simulating, writing software, writing publications and reports, discussing and exploring, and much more....

Information on Corona virus by the faculty

Information on Corona virus by TU Dortmund University