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CNI contribution to MDPI Drones Journal on Multi-Link Communication Experiments over the German Baltic Sea

We are very pleased to announce that our paper "Reliable Long Range Multi-Link Communication for Unmanned Search and Rescue Aircraft Systems in Beyond Visual Line of Sight Operation" has been published in the MDPI Drones Open Access Journal.

In the paper, we highlight the benefits of using multiple communication links for maritime air-to-ground data transfers of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). The publication presents results of a large-scale experimental study, which were conducted as part of the LARUS-project. The UAS was equipped with three Long Term Evolution (LTE) modems. During various flights over the German Baltic sea several aspects of the communication were analyzed. Videos of the flights and UAS can be found via the links below. The evaluations show that the proposed multi-link approach yields an improved robustness due to a higher availability of communication as well as an improved overall throughput. Key findings with regards to the CNI multi-link technology approach explored in the contribution to the journal are also now being further explored in die German Rescue Robotics Center (A-DRZ) for ground and aerial vehicles. Both LARUS as well as A-DRZ are funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research as part of the Civil Security research program.