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We are ready – Introductory presentations to the online CNI courses of the summer semester are available as video streams

In preparation for the online teaching in the summer semester 2020 that will start next week, Prof. Wietfeld explains in two introductory videos the concept of the chair for the two key courses of the summer semester "Business Administration Basics of ICT" (Bachelor) and "Mobile Networks" (Master). Lectures and exercises are carried out as live streams with interaction possibilities for the students (chat, request to speak via video). The streams are recorded and subsequently made available in the student portal moodle, as well as the slide material as PDF. The components of the practical training, i.e. the business simulation as well as the development of a business plan for a self-chosen ICT innovation, will be possible from the home office with appropriate online collaboration tools. All students interested in the courses are asked to register via moodle to receive invitations to the respective online meetings. We are looking forward to an intensive and fruitful collaboration, despite the new boundary conditions.

Further information about the lectures BGIKT and MFN can be found in German.

The newly established online teaching workspace at CNI in action:

Screenshot of the Newly Established Online Teaching Workspace at CNI in Action