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Starting the year with 3 new projects

Good news at the beginning of the year. Grant notifications for no less than three new projects reached the institute and announce the start of all projects at the beginning of 2021. With VIZIT, as well as 5Guarantee and Plan & Play, one federally and two state-wide funded projects with focus on connectivity for automotive applications and 5G campus networks strengthen the CNI's research profile. We are looking forward to challenging research questions and a good collaboration with numerous known and new partners.



The VIZIT project elaborates a concept for the provision of public charging infrastructure for inner-city public transport by cabs and puts it into operation. In this process, constructional restrictions on the installation of charging infrastructure at existing cab stands are resolved by the virtual spatial extension of cab stands to surrounding public charging infrastructure. The resulting issues in the initiation of virtual cab stands, such as the allocation/reservation of public infrastructure, communication requirements for the collection and transmission of all necessary information as well as the consolidation and processing of the data generated during the process will be conceptualized and exemplarily integrated into the existing infrastructure of the city of Dortmund.

More details on the project VIZIT



5Guarantee explores an agile system for continuous, cross-network monitoring of end-to-end guarantees in terms of throughput, latency, reliability and data security of 5G campus networks. While isolated measurements at the time of installation often reveal the expected peak performance values, 5Guarantee examines in particular the possibility of a spatially distributed stress test that actively monitors network quality on a continuous basis, regardless of whether the 5G network is provided by a network operator as part of a "managed" solution or a "standalone" network is operated by the manufacturing company under its own responsibility.

More details on the project 5Guarantee


Plan & Play

The goal of the Plan & Play project is to effectively support potential users in the detailed identification of required network infrastructure and planning processes. To this end, our web-based campus network planner introduced in the first version by the Competence Center CC5G.NRW will be expanded into a full-fledged, freely accessible network planning tool for ad-hoc 5G campus networks. The network planning functions to be used are based on the latest algorithms of online reinforcement learning. These are tested and optimized in two disjunctive fields of application, sports events and cellular intralogistics, within the framework of an agile research process in interaction with the project segment "Play" together with the project partners Riedel Communications (Wuppertal) and Fraunhofer IML (Dortmund).

More details on the project Plan & Play