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Welcome to the Webpages of the Communication Networks Institute


The AirBox project visited Communication Networks Institute (CNI), TU Dortmund


15.06.2018 – Dr. Ling-Jyh Chen, the key Principle Investigator of the AirBox Open Source Project in Taiwan, visited Communication Networks Institute (CNI), TU Dortmund on 15 June. He is the Director of Department of Information Technology Services of Academia Sinica. His most recent project is the “AirBox project", which is based in Taiwan and operated in a grassroots fashion with more than 4,000 deployments across 37 countries till March 2018. The project enables PM2.5 monitoring at a finer spatio-temporal granularity and enriches environmental data analysis by making all measurement data freely available for everyone. The data portal of this project has become the most popular data source about PM2.5 distributions in Taiwan. This project also inspires citizen science in which industrial and academic participants are making contributions to the open-source participatory ecosystem for PM2.5 monitoring.


Invited IEEE guest editorials related to electrical vehicle and rescue robotics research


23.01.2018 – Followed by a talk on a panel of the most recent IEEE Conference on Standards in Communications in Helsinki in September 2017, Prof. Wietfeld was recently invited to contribute two guest articles to IEEE e-publications. The most recent Newsletter of the IEEE Vehicular Society (VTS) features a short article on the relation of "Electric Vehicles and the Smart Power Grid", The article stresses the need for interoperability of E-Vehicle charging processes and reports on the contributions of CNI in this area. In the recent edition of the IEEE Standards E-Magazine, Prof. Wietfeld discusses "Networked Rescue Robots: Standards Pave the Way From Prototypes to Deployments". Since 25 years, Prof. Wietfeld has contributed to various international standards in the areas of road transport telematics, cellular networks, mobile Internet and most recently Cyber Physical Systems.


Dissertation on resource-efficient communication in distributed energy systems – successfully completed


28.06.2017 – – On June 26, 2017 one could congratulate Stefan Feuerhahn on his passed doctoral examination.

The IEC 61850 specification defines a communication standard for the automation of energy systems, and provides a powerful data model and various services for monitoring and navigating components of energy systems.
While the initial focus was on the automation of high and medium voltage networks and their substations, the IEC 61850 standard is also an option for navigating decentralized and distributed energy resources – such as photovoltaics. Feuerhahn addresses the question whether this standard is eligible and which alternatives – like OPC UA – could be considered additionally. His motivation for this investigation developed while he was working on practical research projects at the Fraunhofer Institute ISE in Freiburg.
Considering the long investment cycles, it is of major importance that the “right” protocols are selected; since a specific system landscape will be set for years to come.

With his analysis, Feuerhahn makes a valuable contribution to the controversial discussions on alternative approaches in the field of Smart Grid.


IEEE Magazine Special Issue on Smart Grids published


04.05.2017 – Wireless communication systems are essential for realizing future energy systems, the so-called Smart-Grids. The current edition of the IEEE Wireless Communication Magazines, being a “Special Issue”, devoted itself to show various facets of applying wireless communication to Smart Grid.
The articles, for example deal with cellular radio networks, satellite systems as well as energy harvesting for sensor networks. Prof. Wietfeld coordinated the review process and the compilation of the magazine as a senior guest editor.


Parliamentary Evening in Berlin: Domestic electricity for sustainable E-Mobility


26.04.2017 – On April 24, 2017 the TU Dortmund has organized a parliamentary evening with project partners in the course of the project SyncFuel - synchronized domestic electricity for charging electronic vehicles - in Berlin, where the potentials, chances and the necessities of using sustainable domestic electricity for electric mobility were shown.


Excellent wireless localization technology - CNI team wins IPIN competition


07.10.2016 – The CNI team (Janis Tiemann, Fabian Eckermann and Christian Wietfeld) won first prize in the "Indoor Mobile Robot Localization" category within the framework of IPIN Indoor Localization Competition at the International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN). We are very pleased with this success in our first participation in the competition! At the same time, two scientific contributions to the work created in the context of SFB 876 and CPS.HUBs / NRW were presented at the conference. The conference was held in Alcalá de Henares / Madrid / Spain.


New projects for the networking of autonomous vehicles with 5G mobile radio


05.07.2016 – Over the past few years, the Chair for Communication Networks has developed an international reputation for the research of new technologies for the networking of autonomous vehicles, whether on the road or in the air. In near future, research projects will once again offer the opportunity to work as a doctoral candidate or as a student in the development of future mobile radio systems of the 5th generation.


TU Dortmund joins the OAI Software Alliance


17.06.2016 – Initiated by the Institute for Communication Networks, TU Dortmund joins the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA). The OSA is a consortium of research institutions and industry partners that drives the open source development of LTE network elements towards a 5G mobile stacks. The Institute for Communication Networks is actively involved in the development of the project.


IEEE Communications Magazine „Feature Topic“ for the networking of UAVs


02.06.2016 – The latest edition of the international widespread IEEE Communication Magazine dedicates a "Feature Topic" on "Wireless Communications, Networking, and Positioning with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles". Prof. Wietfeld co-created this „Feature Topic“ as a guest editor. The strict rules of this Communication Magazines prohibit that guest editors contribute to a „Feature Topic“ submit, even if the subject area of the special edition concerns the field of leading scientists.


Dissertation on swarm based, networked robotic systems for emergency personnel successfully completed


17.05.2016 – On 17.05.2016 Niklas Goddemeier successfully defended his dissertation on “Communication and Cooperation Strategies for Aerial Robotic Systems”. The entire chair heartily congratulates.
Reliable networking of robotic-systems is an important requirement for their deployment in various scenarios, for example the exploration of damage situations by rescue services. Especially the usage of unmanned aircrafts as sensor- and communication-platforms offer great potential because of their wide flexibility in disaster scenarios, in which infrastructure might be heavily damaged. The system design for communication- and cooperation strategies as well as the comprehensive performance assessment and validation presented in the thesis are using model based methods, including multi-scale-simulation trough software- and hardware-in-the-loop-concepts and experiments in the field. This paper provides an excellent contribution to the international research in this field due to innovative, scientific concepts reaching a high level of maturity.


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