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Innovation Platform for Cyber Physical Systems

We see digital transformation as a chance:

CPS.HUB NRW combines competences and knowledge of all disciplines that contribute the development of Cyber Physical Systems, all branches using CPS as well as all regions of the area state NRW. Thereby a dynamic innovative ecosystem is created in which knowledge evolves and all actors have access to the latest FuEuI-Results.

The key to success: Cyber Physical Systems.

Forming a strong network actors within the CPS.HUB NRW develop models, procedures and methods which strengthen the innovative power of KMU, make the development of CPS predicable and the risk assessable. Smart products and services are created for the markets of tomorrow: 4.0 industry, Smart Grids, autonomous driving. Become a part of this network!

Project duration: 01.08.2015 - 31.03.2019


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