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Oberseminar Wintersemester 2019/20 - Early ideas and technology concepts for 6G wireless networks

While first 5G base stations are currently being deployed in Germany and elsewhere, researchers all over the world have started to look into the next-generation of wireless networks. Although one might think, that 5G will solve every requirement already, technology is further evolving and opening up new opportunities. As we are talking about a network to be deployed around 2030, some imagination is needed to believe that wireless peak data rates of 1 Tbit/s will be really needed in the future. But the history of wireless networks tells us that every generation of mobile networks has run into capacity problems, once they have been established, and usually with services, which have not been envisaged or even known when the technological foundations for a certain network generation were laid. So it is now the right time to look into the first concepts being proposed for 6G, even if we might not yet sure, for which applications it will be exactly needed.

The most recent issue of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine presents a collection of articles, which serve as an excellent basis for a seminar to discuss concepts and technology approaches discussed in the context of 6G.



The kickoff meeting is scheduled on 15.11.2019 at 11:00 in room C1-04-105.


Instructional Material

For material exchange, please use the seminar's Moodle room.



The following presentations are envisaged:

  • 6G Concepts: Requirements and Standardization Roadmap
  • 6G Wireless Communications: Holographic Messaging using Subterahertz and Visible Light Communications
  • 6G AI-enabled Radio Resource Management: Embedding Expert Knowledge in Deep Neural Networks
  • 6G Self-organized Networking: AI-enabled autonomous networks   
  • Data-Oriented Transmission in 6G Wireless Systems – Towards Trustworthy Support of Advanced Internet of Things
  • Towards 6G: Mobile network-connected drones
  • Towards 6G: Next Generation highly accurate Ultra-Wide-Band Positioning based on the IEEE 802.15.4z-Standard

Note: The referenced scientific papers and articles, e.g. from IEEE Xplore, are freely accessible to all persons in the university network (e.g. via eduroam). For external access, please use VPN.



Good knowledge of existing mobile network technologies is required to understand the advanced concepts to be discussed in the seminar. Therefore a successful participation to the lecture on “Mobile Communication Networks” (or equivalent) is a prerequisite to participate.


Registration deadline: 30.10.2019 expired


If you are interested in participating this seminar, please contact Robert Falkenberg.

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