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Mobile Communication Networks


Lecture with excercises Ort Modul
to be defined C1-04-105 AR-303
to be defined ETA 3.21


The lecture will be offered by Dr. L. Berelemen, TELEKOM


The course introduces and compares network concepts of WPAN, WLAN (WiFi), LTE Advanced, 5G and beyond. A special focus is on enabled use cases and their implementation in industry. The students will achieve capabilities to apply and further develop such systems in the area of mobile networks.


  • Fundamentals of Mobile Radio Networks:

Evolution of wireless communication, radio spectrum, standardization approaches, user traffic demand, ecosystem

  • 5G:

    • Overview

    • key technologies and their evolution (e.g. LTE Advanced, 5G NR, network slicing, edge computing),

    • 5G uses cases (e.g. mobile broadband, fixed wireless access, campus networks, automotive, drones, AR/VR) and deployment scenarios

  • Wireless Local Area Networks:

IEEE 802.11 – Key amendments of WiFi for high data rate, QoS, security and mesh and their application examples

  • Wireless Personal Area Networks:

ZigBee, Bluetooth, WiMedia and their derivates, incl. application examples

  • Visions for 6G:

Cognitive radio and add. ideas


Occasional during the course


  • Slides of lecture and online sources (e.g. videos, white paper, tutorials)
  • will be updated during the course
  • offered to participants via Moodle.



Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Kfm. Ralf Burda

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